Brooklyn, NY May 30, 2017

MARSHALL HAGINS PhD Yoga Works! Why do we need science to prove it?

SAT BIR SINGH KHALSA PhD  The Underlying Psycho- physiology of  Yoga Practices

PAUL J. MILLS  PhD  Effects of Traditional Medical Systems on Consciousness
and Wellbeing

CRYSTAL L. PARK PhD   Unpacking the “black box” of yoga:  Key dimensions and pathways of influence

RICHARD BROWN MD  Natural Breath from the East and West to be your best

TWO ROUND TABLES Questions & answers

WILLIAM C. BUSHELL  PhD The Integrative Science Basis for Considering Claims of Super-longevity in Virtuoso Practitioners of Yoga and Related Practices

CATHERINE COOKE-COTTONE  PhD  Trauma-informed Yoga: Alignment of need and intervention

NEIL THEISE  MD   Yogic Practices and the Physiology of Healing

PARAMAGURU R. SHARATH JOIS Yoga for Health and Peace of Mind

EDDIE STERN AND DARSHAN SHAH MD  Yoga and the Nervous System

The transcripts of all talks from this conference are available in Namarupa Issue 23